Group Therapy

Feeling alone in anxiety, depression, and other emotional hardships is a frequent human experience. Group therapy and support groups provide an effective way to help individuals find others who may share similar experiences who can relate to them. Most individuals feel relief in knowing that they are not the only ones with similar thoughts and feelings. It is often so reassuring and validating to know that one is not alone in this world. Hearing about the process of healing for others can be motivating and comforting. And hearing of others’ struggles can help build compassion, self-compassion, and self-understanding.

All group members are screened by the therapist prior to attending to ensure that the group is a good fit and meets the clients’ needs. This screening is free of charge and will usually take place in a phone consultation. Please contact Holly Kirth via e-mail to schedule a phone consultation.

Online Adult Eating Disorder Support Group

This Online Support Group is intended to provide adults suffering from eating disorders a safe place to connect to others with similar struggles. Interventions from CBT, DBT, and Narrative Therapy may be used by the therapist to aid in facilitation. Requirements: Participants must (1) currently be attending therapy, or (2) previously recovered but seeking continued support, or (3) working with a Registered Dietitian specializing in ED. This group will meet every 2nd Monday of the month (6:30 pm to 8:00 pm) starting December 2022. Participants must be in the state of California when attending.

Fee: $40/group session*

* Accepted insurances: UHC, Optum, Aetna